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Intermodal Yards

Inland Ports



Yardeye focuses on the intermodal industry. Digitalization and automation are the key drivers in the intermodal industry, where humans and machines are in symbiosis. Safety and productivity go together. Yardeye is a major puzzle part for state of the art intermodal yards.

Crane Automation

Next step towards crane remote control and crane automation.

Avoid Danger Before Happening.

Increase safety for personnel,
yard vehicles and equipment.

Monitoring and Asset Tracking.

Localize and identify persons
and vehicles in the yard.


10 Cranes, 400 people, 150 vehicles – no problem.


Your personal safety is not an option, it is a requirement and our mission. The main purpose of all Yardeye safety concepts is to protect the human being. In our home country, Europe, safe machinery is required by law and defined in several DIN-ISO norms. Our customers around the world have adapted these norms or implemented their own appropriate ones. With our multilayer safety system, cross validations and checks we comply and fulfill your local and individual safety standards in the intermodal world.

Rough Environments. Solid Components.

Yardeye technology relies on robust hardware, designed to operate in harshest environments. Deployed in the mining industry for more than a decade, our system withstands shocks or vibrations and performs in rain, hail, snow, wind, extreme temperatures, humidity and fog.